Month: January 2021

Block-A-Day 31 – The Duplex

A sound plan, they would keep the duplex as an investment and be landlords. In the meantime, as is often the case, life got in the way. They both married and brought their brides to their shared home.

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Block-A-Day 30 – The Tiny House

I think this is a tiny house. It’s cute as a button, with a great tree. You know one of those bitty houses we are seeing on HGTV and Netflix. The new wave in homeownership. When my children were very young we lived in a house that was less than 900 square feet. The children’s bedroom was 8’x10′. I had 3 young sons at the time. You’d think that it would be wall to wall beds, wouldn’t you? But no, I learned to be a master of using every square inch.

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Block-A-Day 29 – The General Store

I’m thinking Ms. Smith carries local crafts and produce, as well as basic necessities. When I saw this block I was thinking about a store in Rand, Colorado that is simply called The Rand Store. It has the most unusual gifts and books you can imagine. I love to shop there. This is extraordinary because Rand’s official population is 4. Located on Hwy 125 headed north.

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Block-A-Day 28 – The Church

I found a fun little piece of batik to do the windows. I thought it looked like stained glass from a distance. All of the fabrics in this quilt are Hoffman batiks. As you can see on this clock face I used the micron pen which was so much easier.

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Block-A-Day 27 – The Townhomes

I found myself thinking that if people have to live very close together that might make them a little crazy. I tiptoed around and shushed my little ones all the time. It made me nervous.I knew I could hear everything my neighbors said and surely they could hear us. Now I live in a big house with my son, his wife, his mother-in-law, and four children under the age of 11.

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