Author: Tina Holley

Change of Seasons at the Fabric Nook

The new Christmas fabrics are FABULOUS, as well as the new project from Hoffman. They’re different, including three different panels that are digital prints that could make stunning wall hangings. We also have an advent calendar that is super cute by Henry Glass. It is cute, cute! Halloween hasn’t yet hit us though, and we do still have a selection of Halloween still looking at us in the shop.


With this years Row by Row well underway, I have been asked by several people, “Where did you get your inspiration?”  When I learned the theme for this year’s Row by Row was “On The Go” I wanted to tell a story that was unique to where we are in our mountain area. I also talk about the packaging, and a zippered bag I made with the license plate.

The Quest For A Cute Bathroom

The quest for a cute bathroom began when I bought my store about twenty months ago. I have a very old building and very old plumbing and had a very unique paint job in the bathroom. It was described as looking like a migraine headache, or possibly seizure inducing. Now, when you come to the Fabric Nook I’m proud to say be my guest and point you in the direction of my new, cute, feminine bathroom!

First Grade Fieldtrip

Some very special guests came to the Fabric Nook on a field trip a couple of weeks ago. All of us were excited days ahead of the event. The entire first grade of Granby Elementary took a field trip to the store!


Several weeks ago I was standing at the counter in my store, when the front door opens.  I have a tiny little bell that rings when someone comes in my shop.  I look up...

Good Day, RaNae!

It was a wonderful surprise when ReNae Merrill, international author and quilter, called me from New York and said she was coming to Colorado to ski, and could she come and sew at my shop. It was so much fun to have her in my shop. She demonstrated her paper piece pattern to over a dozen people and then went on to demonstrate her new toolkit and book Free Motion Mastery In A Month.

Hello World!

I met a wonderful woman through my shop named Rhonda Buss. She writes for Sew News Magazine and has a blog called “Sew Bussted!” She decided to make a video blog called “Material Witness.” It was so surprising and exciting when she called me to be one of her video guests.